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  • Undercover Investigations: Undercover Surveillance Investigations: Undercover work can be a vital component in cases ranging from Spousal Cheating to a Worker’s Compensation Case to a “Slip and Fall” Civil Case. During these cases, the assigned investigators have to be professional, discreet and confidential in their investigative effort. We assigned “the best” to complete these tasks due to knowing the circumstances if the investigator “gets made.”

    We do this by supplying our investigators with full knowledge of the case action at hand. These investigators have complete knowledge of the individual or individuals they are investigating and their daily routines. This knowledge assists the investigator on the individuals “next move” and their surroundings allowing the investigator to always be ready and waiting.

    Our experienced surveillance investigators can assist you or your business when dealing with threats of workplace violence, personal threats or residential threats. Our skilled professionals, use “state of the art” video equipment understand the complexities involved in obtaining factual evidence during these sensitive investigations. We can also assist in child custody and locate assignments.

    We believe our undercover work is first class.

  • Background Investigations: Our services include performing a comprehensive background investigation and research on the individual, providing assets, residential locations, registry of motor vehicle information, phone numbers, past and present civil actions and more.

  • Workplace Violence Investigations: Workplace Violence Investigations: Upon notification, our investigators can stage themselves in the workplace outside the workplace to stop the threat of workplace violence. We find that the sooner we are notified of the situation the better. Allowing us to be in the “ready and waiting” mode. Also allowing us to assess the situation and investigate the threat.

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