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SRS Investigative Consulting Firm, have professional investigators that investigate Spousal Cheating, Adultery, Divorce, Unfaithful Relationships, Personal Injury Cases, Asset and Person Locates, Missing Person Cases, Accident Scene Photography, Personal Injury Cases, Background Investigations and others.

During these types of investigations, there are many components that play an important role in finding the evidence. We find the most important components are timing, discreetness, confidentiality, thoroughness, having as much knowledge on the subject, and careful documentation. When being involved in these investigations, you need to be well rehearsed on the case, you need to be ready to act and gather information (video, photographic, interviews, etc.), and you must be very discreet and confidential during the entire phase of the investigation process.

We find that conducting the investigation in this manner, the investigator gathers more valuable evidence and information on the subject.

This allows the investigator to be able to attend to the subject again if necessary without any type of detection.

During these investigations, the investigator must be very thorough on the gathering of evidence. Because as we know, the evidence is either going to “make you or break you.” So the investigator needs to complete this task in a timely and thorough manner. As all investigators assigned to SRS Investigative Consulting.

As your case proceeds you will receive a status report advising you of the information gathered, progress and proceedings. We inform our clients due to this being one of the most common complaints heard from individuals and clients - the fact that they are not advised on the status of their case. When the case is complete, clients receive a written report on our findings along with videotape and photographic documentation evidence where applicable.

All client information is treated with the utmost discretion and strict confidentiality.


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The SRS Private Investigators are experienced in preparing cases for trial and are sought out by Individual “Private” Clients as well as Law Firms, Insurance Companies and Private Business Owners. We investigate the following for our clients:

Accident: Often times when accidents occur, attorneys or private individuals will contact this office for assistance in the interview of witnesses, photographic/video documentation and background investigations on the individuals involved in the accident.

We have been very successful in this action.


Asset: Asset Locate Searches play a major role in most settlement and lawsuit cases. When one party has knowledge of the other party’s assets, it makes a major difference on the way the case is played out and the demand amount of the settlement. This investigative action is highly demanded due to the significance it plays in the case action.

Personal Injury:


Executive Protection: Our investigative staff is sensitive to the clients needs and has the ability to adapt immediately to changing situations. Our private investigators executive protection service is provided with complete discretion and confidentiality, allowing our client to have a piece of mind and a safe and secure environment. SRSIC investigators are licensed to carry a firearm in Massachusetts.  


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