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Who We Are
SRS Investigative Consulting was founded by the president, Stephen R. Scanlon, an active law enforcement official.

Mr. Scanlon’s past and present law enforcement assignments include being a member of the Boston Police Youth Violence Strike Force, a Senior Internal Affairs Investigator for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Investigation Division and the Director of Professional Standards – Internal Affairs at the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department. During these years, Mr. Scanlon has also worked very closely with the FBI Bank Robbery Task Force, the United States Secret Service Counterfeit and Forgery Division and many other law enforcement agencies.

During these years, Mr. Scanlon has received numerous awards and commendations for his dedication to the citizens of Massachusetts. He was also the recipient of the “George L. Hanna Recognition Award.”

In 2001, Mr. Scanlon re-focused his investigative skills to the private sector and began SRS Investigative Consulting. Since that time, Mr. Scanlon has been very successful in assisting Private “Clients” Individuals, Attorneys and Companies with litigation support and providing factual documentation during Unfaithful Relationships, Divorce, Probate, Civil and Criminal proceedings. Mr. Scanlon has provided professional testimony in District, Superior, Grand Jury and Federal courtrooms.

SRS Investigative Consulting can fulfill your needs by creating a tailored plan of investigation that is best suited for each individual action.

SRS Investigative Consulting will provide highly qualified investigators to develop factual information. These investigators use “state of the art” surveillance equipment for videotape and photographic documentation.

SRSIC also provides “Executive Protection” and are licensed to carry firearms.

I believe you will be very impressed with the commitment, integrity, confidentiality and quality we provide during each phase of our investigative effort.

You can be assured of strict confidentiality, thoroughness and careful documentation during all phases of the investigative effort.

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The SRS Investigative Consultant Team investigators are experienced in preparing cases for trial and are sought out by Individual Private Clients as well as Law Firms and Insurance companies. We investigate the following for our clients:

  • Divorce/Unfaithful
  • Surveillance and Videotaping
  • Individual Investigations
  • Background Checks
  • Fraudulent Claims
  • Slip and Fall/Civil Litigation
  • Asset/Person Location Searches
  • Executive Protection/Security

  • As your case proceeds you will receive the status from the investigator. When the case is complete, all clients receive an in-depth written report on our findings along with videotape and photographic documentation evidence where applicable.

    All client information is treated as sensitive and is handled with the utmost discretion.

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